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C : COCTEAU TWINS : Heaven or Las Vegas

Heaven or Las Vegas
Текст песни Road, River & Rail

Road, River & Rail

He'll be flied away
From those choices that they took
Naked and caught on the isle de la cite
Roll of home may be
There's over eleven since she's been
For machine and a feeling I still care
Faulting to mention forms in flight
Fabulous in dream of eve
Flaying on the ground and your infant lives
From out of the bayous
Seen the way is corporeal
The little pants into nowheres
Through paris breaks soul
From out of the bayous
From must have beige
So we didn't while we seized
Until the fog made me run through that hectic glare
Love won't be forged
And was a fog, was them that cherished

Road, river and rail
So embarrased, I'm not sure at all, lies mother's daughter
Truth is she found love

Road, river and rail

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