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C : COAL CHAMBER : Chamber Music

Chamber Music
Текст песни Burgundy


Did you say make it rain for you.
I'd make it storm with a wind like you've never seen before.
So sick I couldn't cure your sores.
I built a snowman for you.
And watched it melt all summer long in front me me.
Endlessly I couldn't cure your sores.
What have you done for me lately?
Did you say move that mountain for you.
I'd spread the wings of lime
And make it all but crumble away today.
If we could watch it together decay.
And when you said to enlighten me.
I thought I had and now that you understand.
One hand washes the other there's nothing more to discover.
What have you done for me lately? tell me.
What have you done for me lately? tell me.

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