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C : CLINT BLACK : Spend My Time

Spend My Time
Текст песни My Imagination

My Imagination

Standing there with her arms around no-one:
No-one who'd die for her, right where he stands
Looking around like she's looking for someone:
Looking like she's got time on her hands.
Funny how much you can see in someone,
Across the room, who you don't even know.
Telling you things she would tell to no-one:
Taking you places she's wanted to go.

Like a walk in the rain, a place in the sun,
With a lifetime of love that has only begun.
Doin' all of the things only lovers can do:
My imagination is running away with you.

Walking away and I'm walking beside her,
Into forever, here in my mind.
Deraming a dream that we're dreaming together,
Finding the things only lovers can find.

Like a walk on the moon, a dance in the stars,
With a love light that finds us wherever we are.
An' our own happy ending will always come true:
My imagination is running away with you.

As fast as I can, running straight to your heart,
Where the fantasy ends and reality starts.
Till I stop believing, the dreaming is all I can do:
An' the fantasy might even come true:
My imagination,
Oh, it's only my imagination running away with you.

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