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C : CHUCK BERRY : The Great Twenty-Eight

The Great Twenty-Eight
Текст песни Back in The USA

Back in The USA

Oh well, oh well, I feel so good today,
We touched ground on an international runway
Jet propelled back home, from over the seas to the u. s. a.

New york, los angeles, oh, how I yearned for you
Detroit, chicago, chattanooga, baton rouge
Let alone just to be at my home back in ol' st. lou.

Did I miss the skyscrapers, did I miss the long freeway?
From the coast of california to the shores of delaware bay
You can bet your life I did, till I got back to the u. s. a.

Looking hard for a drive-in, searching for a corner cafпїЅ
Where hamburgers sizzle on an open grill night and day
Yeah, and a juke-box jumping with records like in the u.s.a.

Well, I'm so glad I'm livin' in the u.s.a.
Yes. I'm so glad I'm livin' in the u.s.a.
Anything you want, we got right here in the u.s.a.

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