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C : CHUBB ROCK : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Cat


I want you, cat (3x)
I want you..

[chubb rock]
You're so soft and delicate, may I get, funky
(funky!) I'm not a sex junkie
I would like to get high upon your love
You're so silky smooth, just like a dove
It might sound odd
I gave birth the second time around at the promenade
Deck, kissed your neck {*smak*}
You gave me more than a peck, but wait a sec
Am I goin too fast, should I just chill
And cool things down, until
I know whassup and I know how you really feel
Cause I got no time for a brain game
But you play one anyway for about a half a year
Tears felt, love went tilt
I said, what should I do, what should I do, should I step
Like stairs, cause I care?

And I want you, cat
I want you, cat (2x)
I want you..

I want you, cat (3x)
I want you..

[chubb rock]
Love understanding, plus demanding
Honesty between us two, will make us last for a few
Word up, then you will just.. mmmmmmmm..
Trust me, and maybe never try to bust me
With another squaw, not even in my car
I walk down the street while I kick a 12-bar
Rap on the harlequin tip, chapter 5
Upon my knees, I tell you do I care
Maybe this year, maybe this year
Maybe a little chubb rock will be formed upon the scene
His life won't be based upon the dreams
That I might make, when I create a fat rap
Jumpin upon the scene like that

I want you, cat (3x)
I want you.. (dun-da-duh-da, dun-da-duh-dah)

I want you, cat (3x)
I want you.. (dun-da-duh-da, dun-da-duh-dah)

I just want you to love me..
Do what you want like humpty.. does..

I want you, cat (3x)
I want you..

Sendin this out, to the trak-trak-trak-trakmasterz
And my man hot diggidy du-dog
And my boy rob robbedy rob swinga
And red hot lover tone
Fu.. fu-funky al, al
Rich-rich berg, and um rockin, and ro-rockin
And uhh, rockin to the beat with robin
And uhh.. mike fonda..
Work at chung king, can't buy a honda
Word up, pump up, dr. no.. frank nitti..
Chubb rock here to break it down.. peace..

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