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C : CHANTE MOORE : This Moment is Mine

This Moment is Mine
Текст песни This Moment is Mine

This Moment is Mine

Don't look back, there's only things
You can not change the past
You're wasting time asking
What if you linger on too long
Pick the roses from the thorns
Wash with waters of the storm
See the sun in your bad day
Smell the flowers in your valley

This moment is mine
I'm living inside
I grow with each breath that I take
I cherish my freedom
I'm sharing this joy
I'm glowing like sunshine
I'm spreading my wings and I fly
I'm still as the night
This moment is mine
This moment is mine

Possibilities travel endless through infinite
Our finite minds can not see the unknown
To be in your worry what can change
Not a thing
In the spirit of your mind be renewed
It's not too late, redeem the time, seize yourself

Repeat 2-

Sweetest moment passing you by
Live in the now and let's go
I can't tell you how it feels (it's) so good

-repeat 2-

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