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C : CASE : Personal Conversation

Personal Conversation
Текст песни Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Guess what I did today
Those were the words I said to you
It was last may, don't know the exact day
In my hand there was a ring
Then you told me that you loved me
More than anything in your life
So I asked you would you do me
The honor of being my wife

(yes I will)
I will be your man
Your protector, your best friend
'till my humble life is ended
And time begins again, couldn't we

1 - couldn't we be happily ever after?
We could be strong together for so long
Couldn't we be happily ever after?
Leavin' you never 'till forever's gone

When I was away, mmm, mmm
Some friends became just faces
Some people grew apart
But you stayed right in my heart
And so many times
Pictured this day inside my mind
And for so many years, ooh
I knew it would be you here with me, oh

(yes I will)
Take you for my wife
The center of my life
And I will never, ever fade
From this choice I made, oh

Repeat 1

Hey yeah
You don't have to look no further than me
Don't look no more, baby yeah
You don't need much more than my lovin' to make you happy
I'm so happy, I'm so happy babe
Beneath the sight of god
I will make this vow to you
So come on baby
I'll be right here, stay with me
Said I'll be here baby, hey

Repeat 1 until fade

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