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C : CALL : Into The Woods

Into The Woods
Текст песни Day or Night

Day or Night

Somewhere between pain and pleasure
The day goes by
Somewhere between word and action
The day goes by
You can try me without witness
You can tie me to the stake
I may burn, but I'll still be with you
Day or night, night or day
Don't you see you're the last to know
Your mind is dead, your heart won't grow
Nice and steady, then weeks behind
I've seen you there, I've seen you hide
I wanna know your mind's on me
Look at me now, face towards me
If you want me, you can find me
Day or night, night or day
The hours slipping slowly by
I look inside again
I see the emptiness exposing
All I have, all I am
I love the whispers in your eyes
I look to stay alive
Don't you want me, you can have me
Day or night, night or day
Somewhere between pain and pleasure
Somewhere between heel and toe
Someone walks the straight and narrow
Another lets the demons go
How can I lie here without feeling
You lift me up, you make me whole
I can trust you, will you look for me
Day or night, night or day

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