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Текст песни Understanding The Inner Mind's Eye

Understanding The Inner Mind's Eye

Some people don't understand(x4)

The inner soul and the thoughts
Of the inner mind's eye.

Front line 510 to 710 I'm back again
So we send and extend.
Peace to all it's the plural oral b the
Urban rural publicity afrocentricity
Satellites coincide unifying it's time.
To climb avidly apparently reality
Below zero it makes you pale no color
For the bleach for seasons many reasons.
Equinox equator now who's the raider
And who's the soul who stole the surface?
Sacrifice slice commanding
I'm demanding official awareness we
Share this common understanding.

Word is bond and I give my
Life before my word shall fall,
Do me a favor listen up y'all.
We got to activate social
Activity for one common cause,
Cherish your mind or you will
Nigga, relax your temper, so
We can live up to our nature
As civilized men
Everytime we live savage-like, we
Damage like the heads of our
Young little seeds.
Oh! my gosh damn pressure makes,
My eye balls bleed, since when
Was my mind really freed,
It's kind of ill when you don't
Know what time or whose time
You are livin' in, this is the earth
We exist within.
My mind keep swellin'
While in my inner soul keeps
Tellin' my anger & hate, while
In my verses, I keep yellin'
Let's do this, let's do this,
Let's make a change, so I could
Stop feelin' strange, making a fool out of myself like I am deranged
You better believe it gotta stop.
Yes it gotta stop, word is bond
God! word is bond!
I'll be coming around the mountian
Mama mia more money nonstop
Solar sex the believer of breather
Taking on all sorts of shit
The devil his wife son daughter
And don't let me see you shoot no dogs
My pit will sit seed in all frequent paths
Infa-ray fake laughs relay or may
I say dj away okay we stay
Hay play afraid touche uma
Might spray who I'm at least to
Say can really dig it man really
Dig it damn smack deep right in
The mind jack flash jump start
Signing off time often givin' up
Ending up next in line.

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