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B : BUSTA RHYMES : Extinction Level Event

Extinction Level Event
Текст песни Everybody Rise

Everybody Rise

New york, jersey, philly, b-more, d.c.
Virginia, atlanta, everybody rise!!! cmon!
N.c., l.a., texas, detroit, chicago, miami,
N.o., cleveland, rise!!! cmon!
Denver, boston, nashville, seatle, albany,
Kansas city, everybody rise!!! cmon!
Buffalo, st. louis, new haven, kentucky,
Oakland, phoenix, vegas, everybody rise!!! cmon!

I'll be that live motherfucker from the flipmode squad
That readjusts this shit properly and hits you real hard
Then we affect with hard shit that sounds so beautiful
(why now? ) couldn't find a better time more suitable
To send out a signal and round up all my niggas recruitable
Type of nigga to torture your ass, stick some shit in your cutical
Wait a minute, let me talk to all my niggas at hand
Im'a hit all of my niggas, y'all just follow the plan
Just get money and capitalize and hold on your stash
Fuck the slouches, we keep it moving and no looking back
A lot of lost motherfuckers stuck on what they gonna be
They ain't gonna be me, gotta get it before the year 2g
To all my niggas, let them do your thing and get yours quick
Whole plan, the whole shabang, nigga fuck the bullshit
I meant this ,ever relentless, for dropping these bombs
Getting paid for securing shit for my seed and my mom
For my physical ,and my entire flipmode squad
My whole gang is fertilized, my mom's peaced to the gods
Hold it down for live niggas in the name of hip-hop
Off with another path where niggas are made to struggle and starve
Fuck that! I'm here to fight for mine, adapting your ass
If you or the goverment try to do away with my cash
One of the most extraordinary that comes from a place
We demand to stab you in the back and smile in your face
Take all entire niggas off the face of the earth
And do away with all them niggas before I get to them first
So throw it, niggas don't get it and run right thru it
Get with, is to all of my niggas who know how to do it
Survival of the most fit for real niggas, no doubt!
Get what's yours from out this fucker before your time run out x2
And get what's yours from out this fucker before your time run out

Welcome all you motherfuckers to a global event warning
Here has now come the dawn of the new millenium
The extinction level event
All my motherfuckers stay tuned!

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