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B : BROTHA LYNCH HUNG : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Rest in Piss

Rest in Piss

I was a dead man, walking they say, so every night I hit the gates
Load the ak and post up, in the window till come day, anyway hey
I feel the pay, back simmering in my brain
But thought of death cloud my mind
As my niggas is gone away many clips and 24 riches, packed
But who really got my back
Fade now that them niggas hit the grave
I'm killing them off for the olds days
24 ways and a 24 sack of that purple kush and make me sicker
Than sick and even get ripgut cannibal if you wish
Cause nigga it's ebk everyday all day to the day I die
I'm creepin through yo set with a mini mac 10
Ar15 rugga with a 12 guage pump in the trunk
And a black beany disguise
That nigga that you can't see just cus of them bloccsta loccs over my eyes
Crept like a black cat with a mac
With a mac 10 in my lap with fat sack of that shag
Took a hit of that shit and seen some niggas with a 4-5th
So I let 'em have it ounces of ol e for oh no that indonesia spliff
And a 9 millimeter for the nigga that'll pump and dump 1 in your bitch
And put her in her grave
With that empty 40 ounce bottle and don't leave a drip
Then bounce to that ounce
With a lack and a mac and a fat sac of that indo shit
I'm sicker than sick you niggas gotta admit when i
Grab my shit you either gone or get caught with a hot one
Nigga so rest in piss

Just call me agent double o duece foe block
I got that 9 milli glock and ready to put one in your knot
Rest in piss (shit) (repeat 4x)

(verse 2)

(brotha lynch)

From the rep of the depth of the double o
Duece foe block with a glock in my pocket
Full of that sac shit you betta wear a bullet proof vest
When I'm at your set betta pack you a tech
Cause I'm at your neck with a clip full of that shit
Nigga don't trip when I put one in your dick that ripgut cannibal
Hannibal shit nigga nuts and guts all over my chest
And stomach running to the lac threw my strap in the back
Twist me up a sack and I'm back on the garden block
Kicking it with maniac the nigga that a maniac sicker than sick
When a clips in progress put on the ground
With a brain full of them nine slugs read him in reader's digest
Uh I found a new love trickeling in my brain half of the doja
Half of the oe half of the fact that I am insane nigga frum tha duece 4
Blocctsa where niggas never put their glocks up
And get their cocks sucked nigga you just can't stop us
Loc to the brain insane with a main game that will maintain
Untouchable cut your throat and leave you in the street
With a lynch around your throat motherfucker
Cause you ain't got no love foe the block
Pop gotta hot foe that 24 street block
Nigga that took a shot rest in piss



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