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B : BRIAN MCKNIGHT : Back at One

Back at One
Текст песни Lonely


Are you lonely for me
Sunday night
Two weeks past
The last time I saw your face
Our seperate ways we decided to go
Now I find myself
Sittin' down
Thinkin' bout
Everything to this place
We've come to how?
We used to be down
Memories of you
And could you be thinkin' bout me right now

Are you lonely for me
Are you lonely for me
You shouldn't try to hide
The way you feel inside
Are you lonely for me
Are you lonely for me
Just let me make it right
Come stay with me tonight
Are you lonely for me
Are you lonely for me
I won't believe we're through
Tell me what you wanna do
Are you lonely for me
Are you lonely for me

There's no good in goodbye
That's a lie
I wish we could go back
When we first met
Hard to forgive and forget
I wish that I could have you
Right here next to me
You're supposed to be in my arms
Through stormy weather
Safe from harm
Can we be down
Show me how
Wish I could hear from you
Right now


Lay it on the line
I won't waste your time
We can make it work
I know we'll be fine
Together we will start
Never be apart again

Chorus out

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