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B : BRANDY : Brandy

Текст песни Movin' On

Movin' On

Hmmm yeah...
Oh yeah

So if we both don't believe
Got to be movin' on

I be a typical kind of girl wasting my time
That ain't style
See I would rather be occupied
Always trying to keep my mind pointed to a higher place

I can have anything I want
Anything I can dream of
I've been sold
Since the day I was born, oh yeah
So I make sure everyday
That I don't let nothing hold me back
Got to be on track, I got to move

1- so if a role don't fit me
Got to be moving on
Cause if it don't work for me
Guess I'll be moving on (and on)

I could take liberties
But that would cause me to change
But that ain't my thing
Cause I don't want to stand with the crowd
Only true to myself
Don't have to follow no one else

Not trying to be alone
But if I catch you doing wrong
Got no problem leaving the room
Don't feel no sympathy
At least not for me
Cause I know just what I'm gonna do
I got to move

Repeat 1
Repeat 1


2- keep moving, keep moving
Keep moving on and on
Keep moving, keep moving
Keep moving on and on

Repeat 1 & 2

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