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B : BRANDY : Brandy

Текст песни I Dedicate[Part I]

I Dedicate[Part I]

Featuring fuzzy from something for the people

[fuzzy] yo, yo what's up b?
[brandy]what's up bro, how ya doing?

[fuzzy] what's up yo, yo I'm alright
You know this is the last day of the album

[brandy]sweet but I just don't think it's complete
Until I dedicate a song
To the people who inspired me to sing
Know what I'm sayin'

[fuzzy] yeah right well all you gotta do
Is what inspired you to sing

[brandy]well my daddy he taught me everything I know
My little brother ray-j he taught me a lot of moves
And my mom she gots the tongue, you see
Whitney houston that's my mentor all the way
And aretha franklin much respect to her
Stevie wonder, umm who else
Anthony, grady, lil' grady, terry

[fuzzy] tear it up
[brandy]jeff, nyesha, shena
This is for y'all

Ooh, when I was young and I listened to you
Your voice gave me inspiration
That's when I knew that I wanted to sing
For the world was my motivation, hey

I dedicate to you
This song's for you
I give you my voice
This song's for you

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