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B : BOYZ N DA HOOD : Boyz N Da Hood

Boyz N Da Hood
Текст песни Look


Look, Look, Look, Look [x2]

You can catch me in the middle of Atlanta nigga (Look)
In the cracks and the crevises of the ghetto nigga (look)
Gone rep you is gonna catch you on a stretcher nigga (look)
Gotta 9 like a 45 special nigga (look)
Still chillin with my hoe heard a bitch holla (look)
It's a nigga with a chrome double barrell so I (look)
Coming at me wanna kill me I can tell how the way he (look)
But I already had my thing cocked before I (look)
See I had the same face of the nigga and i (look)
like a nigga keep your throat to a fine hoe thing thats a reefa
One slip then my 9 went bang Got rough on anybody who wanna test my game
Can't you see we some killas gorillas gonna bang
Got some niggas still livin how i rocks they fade
Got a whole click of killas ridin chevys on blaze
And a trap to the moon, one heat one game

[Chorus (x2) (Jody Breeze):]
Boyz N Da Hood dressed up in (look)
Black tees, black hats, with the black tims (look)
We aint talkin to you niggas shit we aint gotta (look)
But I put it on them dubs your hoe gonna (look)

[Jody Breeze:]
Well what up for yah, it's your boy Breeze again
Breezin in with one of yall Breeze again
And i know Jesus seein me sin so why not blow dro, why not sip seez and gin
Reason bein since birth man things have seemed
A little different, I'm still pimpin deep with in
But now that I'm grown it's on so i'm a go on and spit it
And if I wanted your hoe I could have her gone in minutes
I pull up in the chevy lookin real slick and vicious
With a bottle of hennisey and a blunt of that sticky
Hops out with the forces the same color of the fitted
Instead of callin me daddy these hoes callin me diddy
I got a bundle of bitches with a lot of ass and titties
Nigga young and old, freak nasty with it
Gold teeth gonna shine, sho nuff
And you can turn your head but your broad gonna look

[Chorus (x2)]

[Big Gee:]
Hoppin out of candy coated chevy bitch (look)
Whole team ballin harder than a roucus trick (look)
Sucka tryin to get live, got his gut split (look)
Got some type of piece tucked in my briefs slick (look)
Thats why we rollin deep with a barreta taker (look)
A dime piece with me all you better do is (look)
Get your head open wide like a pocket book (look)
You know you shook you aint gotta hide your face bitch (look)
Yeah its mister click clacker yeah i jack the jackers
Cover more than greyhound every hustlin backwards
Stay in the pocket gettin sticked but im breakin them tackles
Disrespect shift you brain left to right like a tackle
I've been gettin it for years and real niggas know that
Back when Dominique, Brooklyn jersey rockin the throw back
Take it from me, I'm a hunt your ass down like a lojack
Catch your ass while you sleep, blow your ass like a dro sack

[Chorus (x2)]

[Young Jeezy:]
Step up in the club with just a swing in my chain
It's deez boyz snow man is the name
Posted up poppin cris like you do them beers
Got bread stacks I aint seen in a couple of years
When i ball I see a gansta they dont look they stare
Symbols in my ears 6 figures a pair
And I'm straight from the hood that's where i come from
Still spend a hundred grand a year on white air ones

[Chorus (x2)]

Look, Look, Look, Look [x2]

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