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B : BOB SEGER : Night Moves

Night Moves
Текст песни Sunspot Baby

Sunspot Baby

Words and music by bob seger

She packed up her bags and she took off down the road
Left me here stranded with the bills she owed
She gave me a false address
Took off with my american express
Sunspot baby
She sure had me way outguessed

She left me here stranded like a dog out in the yard
Charged up a fortune on my credit card
She used my address and my name
Man that was sure unkind
Sunspot baby
She sure has a real good time

I looked in miami
I looked in negril
The closest I came was a month old bill
I checked the bahamas and they said she was gone
I can't understand why she did me so wrong

But she packed up her bags
And she took off down the road
Said she was going to visit sister flo
She used my address and my name
And man that was sure unkind
Sunspot baby
I'm gonna catch up sometime
Sure had a real good time

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