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B : BOB MARLEY : Burnin'

Текст песни Hallelujah


Hear the children cryin',
But I know they cry not in vain.
Now the times are changin';
Love has come to bloom again.

Smelling the air when spring comes by raindrops
Reminds us of youthful days.
But now it's not rain that water the cane crops,
But the sweat from man's brow;
The substance from our spine.
We gotta keep on living, living on borrowed time:
Hallelujah time!

Yes, you can hear the children singing: hallelujah time!
As they go singing by and by: hallelujah time!
Oh, hallelujah singing in the morning.
Hallelujah time! let them sing; don't let them cry.

Over rocks and mountains
The sheep are scattered all around.
Over hills and valleys,
They are everywhere to be found.
But though we bear our burdens now,
All afflictions got to end somehow:
From swinging the hammer, pulling the plough.

Why won't you let us be, to live in harmony?
We like to be free like birds in a tree.

Hallelujah time! yes, you can hear the children singing.
Hallelujah time! yes, as they go singing by and by.
Hallelujah time! oh hallelujah singing in the morning.
Let them sing; never let them cry.
Hallelujah time! hallelujah singin' in the morning.

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