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B : BOB DYLAN : The Basement Tapes

The Basement Tapes
Текст песни Yazoo Street Scandal

Yazoo Street Scandal

(by j.r. robertson)

Stranded out in the night,
Eliza took me down
To see the widow give
Rain to the town.
It's against the law
To be a tonic man,
But the widow knows
She's got the upper hand.
So I went on in
Feelin' kinda wheezy.
You know she soothed my mind, boys,
She rocked me kinda slow and easy
All day and all night.

Pick a card before you go
It's a long trip to mexico.

Eliza wait by the door,
I can't stay here anymore, no, no.

Then she took a pill
She washed her feet in the mud
She said look out son,
You know, I just ordered a flood
For forty days and forty nights.

Then I dropped my shoes,
Eliza called my name.
She said it looked to her
Like it's gonna rain.
Then the cotton king
Came in chokin'
And the widow laughed and said:
I ain't jokin'.
Take once for all
She said now don't ya tease me.
I just fell in love, boy,
So rock me kinda slow and kinda easy,
All day and all night.

Sweet william said
With a drunken head:
If I had a boat,
I'd help y'all float.
Eliza stood there watching,
William in a trance,
As the widow did the st. vitus dance.
But just then an old man
With a boat named breezy
Said: you can ride with clyde, boys,
If you rock it kinda slow and easy,
All day and all night.

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