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B : BLOODHOUND GANG : One Fierce Beer Coaster

One Fierce Beer Coaster
Текст песни Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

You came twice last year like a sears catalog
Cause your last boyfriend makes love like boss hogg
Well now you're seeing me but soon I'll have you seeing god
Cause girl I'll get you panting like you're pavlov's dog
Like a dc-10 I'm guaranteed to go down
But baby your black box is the one that I found
So down I go like I'm 2000 flushes
I can tell I'm doing something right by the way that she blushes
She's one that's speechless but I'm the one that's tongue tied
She's thinking holy mackerel I'm thinking tuna on the side
There must be something wrong with al pacino's nose
Cause the scent of a woman is like rotten tomatoes
Yea I'm snorkeling for clams and it doesn't matter if I wanna be
Don't come up for air until you kiss me where it smells funny
Drop my face below her waist and stay on third base
I can tell that the cherry's ripe by the way it tastes
Yea I could make a lot of wine with the yeast I find inside her panties
And then drink it while eating out down at the seafood shanty

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