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Текст песни Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

Are those num-chucks in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Let me take you back to the day that I met my china girl
When I landed a 'pam' like on the san fran real world
I was sweating like a vegetable inside of a wok
I'd never been to asia minor but I was gonna bangkok
Like kristy yamaguchi I had to break the ice
Should I talk about mothra m*a*s*h or shrimp-fried rice?
I was sharp as a chinese star but it's a line I threw
Just thirty seconds over tokyo and this johnny would woo
I took a shot like jeanette lee put on my moves like bruce lee
I told he every soon yi needs a little woody
She said for all the tea in china my vagina's not free
But my love will linger longer than the ming dynasty
I said I needed her to do and her to do my laundry
I knew she needed a way to stay legally within the country
She was made in taiwan I said I'm o.k. with that
Just promise me you'll never try to eat my cat
Chinky chinky bang bang I love you
Chinky chinky bang bang I know you love me too
In japan the hand is used as a knife
In japan a man's wife's hand job than can cost him his life
But now this captain kirk has his own sulu
I'll shampoo her foo man chu with lo hung wang goo
Cause I ride my slant-eyed slope like a brand new kawasaki
Oh me chinky she's so kinky got me hot like nagasaki
Burnin' up like napalm burstin' like an a-bomb
I think I got that jungle fever but I caught it in 'nam
She's like an oriental rug cause I lay her where I please
Then I blindfold her with dental floss and get down on her knees
I'm a diving kamikaze eating out chinese
First I'll have the poo-poo platter than some tuna sushi
She'll be screaming like godzilla and kickin' like jackie chan
I'll get her redder than china wetter than the sea of japan
Like the chinese new year she's gonna see fireworks
Now be a good chinky and press jimmy's shirts
Chinky chinky bang bang I love you
Chinky chinky bang bang I know you love me too
Sing chinky sing
One more time
Chinky chinky bang bang I love you
Chinky chinky bang bang I know you love me too
Chinky chinky bang bang chinky bang
Chinky chinky bang biddily biddily biddily bang

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