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B : BLONDIE : Rockbird

Текст песни Free to Fall

Free to Fall

If I could right the wrongs the past just wouldn't be.
How could I fall in love at zero gravity?
From a weightless condition to a heavy circumstance, like a voice with a vibrato do I tremble for the chance.
And will I hurt myself?
Am I like the man who fell?
And will I burn myself if I have to go through hell?
And if I did make you love me will you make me belong?
And I'm waiting for the time, like the calm before the storm.
Oh no you're not free to fall.
Free to fall!
Oh no you're not, not free to fall.
Oh no, oh no.
This must be someone else cause the part just isn't me.
Can this be happening cause it sounds like lines to me?
First you're sailing then you're swimming then you're sinking in the sea of love, still you sparkle and you sizzle cause a live wire always does.
Within the atmosphere so rare, so rare, so rare, I can see my liquid love light fading, fading, draining.
It's raining, raining.
And if I did make you love me, what did I do wrong?
And I'm waiting for the time, like the calm before the storm.

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