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B : BLINK THE STAR : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Below The Sliding Doors

Below The Sliding Doors

Time is up, the money's gone
A windless moon is your only throne
Last walk in the garden
You'd like to think you know no shame
Select a worthy heir to your name
Miss one and it's end of game
We walk under the clouds of a sunny day
Words are on the run anyway
Be safe below the sliding doors of a modern sham
Say the words that we'll never say
Swiss time is on the move
No precision on an icy groove
A valentine in the window
Blow forth and feed your eyes
No incision, she's a satellite
A dull kiss in the morning
This is where we say what's wrong
Smooth the edges of an iron tongue
Persue the list and find the song
The same day we find a place
These pills - never twice the same
Shallow walk in the ocean

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