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B : BLINK THE STAR : A Bourgeois Kitten

A Bourgeois Kitten
Текст песни Jack's Peak

Jack's Peak

Breast weight like rock is soft
And the same boys know who's top
But the grass and wind at 3
22, it's more than free
Send it off and I'll send it back
Make a change and we'll smile at that
Desolation peak's it's name
Jack waits and still no flame
And it looks the same
But he makes no change
It's as hard and rare
Be a judge and care
Down to flatlands for another try
We can spin around the same old tree
Someone whispered if you check that page
You can check yourself and everyone you'd
Ever want to see
And we'll still play songs
And we'll say it's wrong
There's a million sounds
And I love it

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