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B : BLINK THE STAR : A Bourgeois Kitten

A Bourgeois Kitten
Текст песни Flite Song

Flite Song

We sang the song, the simple song
We sang the song, the nowhere song
We sang the song, the stupid song
We sang the song, it's uncle's song
And nothing more to say to you
Hope the simple staples do
If all the pose and magazine
Enough for simple waking dream
Then I can't say that I've been waiting
So I can soak in something blue
And there's still mystery, yeah, true
But it's a river, not more zoo
We sang the song, it was no song
Blew the words to make it wrong
A month and 18 times along
Wish that I could say it's wrong
And diamonds smile a broader charm
Than simple boy with simple song
And all experience aside
Mind is dead when body dies
And I don't feel damaged
And your diamonds are eyes so safe yet

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