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B : BETH HIRSCH : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Life is Mine

Life is Mine

The blues in your eyes
Takes me to a time
There was no precision
No decision or love

But if you take a chance
Cath this glance of mine
Because maybe baby
You're what I'm thinking of

To you I pose a question
Say no I go my way
It's more like how we're destined
And how I see you

Life is mine x3

New skies will open
Once my head is clear
We move to grow and learn to know
What the world was always supposed to hear

For midnight will fall rain
To pour down beads of promise
And wash away the pain
So sleep in calmness

Life is mine x3

It says I lived a little more
For my age, I get a score

Life is mine....

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