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B : BENEDICTION : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Denial


You guard your mind, your thoughts must not devour
Your soul at crux will cower
And the image is mine
Taunting you, unleash eternal time
Am I what you see?
Rising doubts will forever be set free
Torment, I return
From thoughts you've had and are now left to burn
The degree of heat
Denial of lies, the words are incomplete
Yet what is said is true
All you fear cannot be misconstructed

Bizarre made flesh - the heart arrest
What you fear most - will haunt the host

I'm whole, I become as one
Evil thoughts extinguishing the sun
And in this void I thrive
Fear / strength, it procates the hive
And the tears burn
Forced desires you are soon to learn

Bizarre made flesh - the heart arrest
What you fear most - will haunt the host

Guard your minds, your thoughts have all devoured
Your soul at crux it cowered
And the image was mine
Taunted you, unseashed eternal time
I am what you see
Rising doubts, forever you're set free

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