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B : BENEDICTION : Dark is The Season

Dark is The Season
Текст песни Jumping at Shadows

Jumping at Shadows

It had to be done!

Conspiring web
Killing me, the end
Let me haunt you
A chilling tale

Most fulfilling
Can't stop the killing

Street cracks feed
Spilt blood bleeds

Perhaps we'll meet someday
When I get blown away
Bringing forth the light
Evil at twilight

Blood family
Darkened death
An absolute

Blood family
Darkened death
An absolute

If a weak linkage found eliminate
Hear the city's fearful roar

# 'hello from the gutters of the city
Filled with vomit, stale wine, urine and blood,
Greetings from the roaches,
That feed upon the blood of all my victims
I appreciate your interest in me, but now I asked...
...what about your children? '


Out to silence me
Bloodied family
Now I sleep
The city weeps

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