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B : BECK : Mutations

Текст песни Sing It Again

Sing It Again

- wanna do another one, man?
- alright...
- let's go.

1... 2... 3... 4...

A town of disrespect
The trains are wrecked
The night is younger than us
Nowhere is anywhere else
You keep to yourself
Stirring the dregs, where I have laid

The exit signs are flashing
Dead ends, they won't come to life anymore
I pledge the rest, I should have guessed
Your love was hanging by threads
Tongues tied under the moon
My love is a room of broken bottles and tangled webs
The misers wind their minds
Like clocks that grind their gears on and on

And if it's meant, some accident
Some coincidence
Crumbs fall out of the sky when you wander by
The dust clouds blow and nobody's home

Oh, won't you lay my bags upon the funeral fire
And sing it again

Oh, won't you lay my bags upon the funeral fire
And sing it again

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