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B : BABYFACE : The Day

The Day
Текст песни All Day Thinkin'

All Day Thinkin'

Written by babyface (1997)
Performed by babyface

You get inside of me and I don't even
(know how to act, girl)
You have synergy that gets in me that's
(that's better than sex)
When we get inimate it's got to be as
(as good as it gets)
And I just can't wait to get home

Your sexuality it smothers me and
(and less I forget)
My own reality is fantasy it's
(I just got to admit)
That I desire you and think of you like
(like all thru the day)
That I just can't wait to get home

Girl I be
All day, all day, all day
All day thinkin' about you
I be
All day, all day, all day
All day dreamin' about you

You are the good in me, the bad in me
(the love of my life)
You are the up in me, the down I me
(the love of my life)
And you are there for me to care for me
(at the end of each day)
And I just can't wait to get home
Your sexuality, it captures me
(and blows me away)
That I must think of thee at least a thousand
(a thousand times a day)


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