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A : AZTEC CAMERA : Dreamland

Текст песни Let Your Love Decide

Let Your Love Decide

Words and music by roddy frame

Well, when I've questioned
All I could and come undone
And only sadness stands
Between me and the sun
When loving leaves and leaves me
Waiting on the one
And my heart can't hide
And when seduction separates
Me from surprise
I open my eyes and
I let your love decide
I let your love decide
I let your love decide

Well, when I saw you in the spring
You caught my eye
Eluded me and made me wonder why
An unassuming, undermining kinda guy
Could not be on your side
And when your brown eyes and my blue
Did so collide
I sat by your side and I shied away
And I let your love decide
I let your love decide
I let your love decide

Well, if the world was like I wished
When I was young
When all the things that I had thought
Could still be done
When we could win the wars
And wars could still be won
And I didn't miss you
And when the world was opening up
Like a father to his son
And I could kiss you
Well, let your love decide
Well, let your love decide
So let your love decide

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