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A : AUDIO ADRENALINE : Don't Censor Me

Don't Censor Me
Текст песни Jesus The California Kid

Jesus The California Kid

Jesus and the california kid
Oh what jesus did, for the california kid

There's a school kid on the coastline
Who's the textbook case of cool
He's out of sight he surfs alright
And he ain't nobody's fool
He's got a face that fits on gq
And a natural taste in style
And everybody likes hime
With that million dollar smile

Well you might think he parties
And gets and girl he want
And he hangs out with the wicked
But he needs no silly stunts
He got a different kind of attitude
That most cool dudes don't have
He's got a personal life with jesus
And he walks on the narrow path


One time God became a man
And he walked upon the earth
He didn't have a cool car
And I don't think he liked to surf
But he mst of had something in common
To do what he did
'cause he died for you and i
And he died for the california kid

Repeat chorus

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