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A : ATARI TEENAGE RIOT : Delete Yourself

Delete Yourself
Текст песни Into The Death

Into The Death

Bang your head! come on! 1, 2, 3, 4!

Into the death into! the death into the death! (x3)
Go go! go go! go go! go go!

Terror worldwide! you can't run away you can't hide I came to get you! get down ...
Respect! and you can't turn back now... speed is what you need is what you feel is what you're livin' for!
Let's fucking riot! go!
And welcome to my paradise there's no good reason to keep you alive
Die die die my darling! run! cause you can't hide
There's no escape from where you coming from we're going to the top where we belong!
Life is like a videogame with no chance to win ...

Into the death! into the death! into the death! (x6)
Go go! go go! go go! go go!

Maybe we sit down and talk about the revolution and stuff but it doesn't work like that!
You can't turn back now there's no way back
You feel the power to destroy your enemy!

Midijunkies gonna fuck you up! midijunkies gonna fuck you up!
Another life wasted another soldier dead this system's guilty it's true but sad
Our life is what they control! soon they gonna take our bodies and souls!
Into the death! into the death! (x4)
Go go! go go! go go! go go! go go! go!
Into the death!

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