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A : ARCWELDER : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни All Mixed Together

All Mixed Together

(w. graber)

Came for the green slop pie - all mixed together
It's that i... nobody's got one yet
You see I was mark merrill
And he was just another who dragged it out far to long to believe
Is it to be... is it to be...
Is it everything I was lead to believe
If it's good - then it's form without substance
If it's clear - it's all the thing that you hate...

All mixed together
With lamps of fire
We fixed another
With laps together
A lapse of reason
Stuck in the mire
If it was easy...
Another liar

Came face to face with death in the washroom
And I'm never not alone again
You see another door to door man
Another partial vision
On a mission learned, and only believed
Well it's not me... it's not me
It's not anything I'd pretend to conceive
If it's unknown... it'll burn in the fire
If he's pure... he's just another liar


It's all mixed together
But I cannot remember
Walk only where I'm s'posed to
With fear and only endings...


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