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A : ARCWELDER : Everest

Текст песни Chicken


(music: s.macdonald/arcwelder lyrics: s.macdonald)
He who hesitates is me[
My indecision's yours to see
I have these words to say
But they don't come til you're away

All I want to do is define
The grey areas yours and mine
Mind races excuse excuse
I can't pry my tongue loose

I am a chickenshit
Libido's low my heart's with it
So I write this dubious hit
I am a chickenshit

The subject's getting old
I strike while the iron's cold
I could tell you anything
Except what my tongue won't bring
I've had enough of this
Wounds with a lemon twist
What's that on your left hand shadows of a wedding band


Why repeat the past
Memories will last
Not a lot to say
Say it anyway

What is past you now
Seems a sacred cow
All I wanted was to give us both some hope
I'm not good enough
I'm not strong enough
To be creator and destroyer of the rope
Are you sitting down
Yes you're sitting down
You should be running but your past's a ball and chain
You know all about the first step
But can you take what comes next
The wind's direction doesn't need a weather vane
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now
I was open but your walls were in the way
Just a little faith in me
Just a little empathy
You could be dealing with a different man today

Sit down
Sit down

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