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A : ARCWELDER : Entropy

Текст песни Know


(s macdonald)
Is it the same old, is it the same again
Or will I find something new
Throw on a blindfold, throw out my name at them
Throw out my pride with it too
Why do I do it, nobody wants to starve
Don't want to bury myself
I'm a conduit, and that's my heart you carve
Into the base for your wealth

What do I want, I want to know
What do I want, I want to know
What do I want, I want to know
What do I want, I want to know

Please let me stay free, sit on my butt all day
Just throw the cash right on in
I'll make you happy, I'll stay the hell away
You think I lose but I win
Don't brush me off now, you think you don't need me
There's probably no time to think
I am your cash cow, moronic fantasy
I am the whole kitchen sink




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