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A : ARCWELDER : Entropy

Текст песни Free Me

Free Me

(s macdonald)
(these are the entropy lyrics - the lyrics on the rev105 radio archive cd vary slightly)
I've stepped out I'm free
Now it's time to peddle my own wares
What's alright with me
Has never been a priority of theirs

I was so sick of it all
No way to be

Free me, let me out
Release me, from this doubt
And I know that I don't ever want to pass this way again

So glad to be gone
Living my life at a slower pace
I'm off with a yawn
Taking time off from the rat race

I'll have no regrets
When all's said and done


It was all I could take
It was all I could fake
It was all I could forsake
At the time

You go ahead
Screw yourself into the ground
I'll take it easy instead
Enjoy some life while I'm around
At the end of my time
It's me who'll be proud


It was all I could take
It was all I could fake
It was all I could forsake
I'm alive

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