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A : ANOUK : Graduated Fool

Graduated Fool
Текст песни Margarita Chum

Margarita Chum

Here, if it's any consolation, take mine
No, no need for explanations, it's alright
With me it would only be redundant, see
If you only try to keep it all inside
I lay me down with your decision
Blow your mind, don't hesitate
This devil takes your pain away
Take mine

But now that I have finally found you
I'm gonna take it one step at a time
Let's try keep this good thing going
You tell a joke, I nearly die
We have to laugh until we cry
Take mine, please take mine

My margarita chum, that's what you are
I'm laughing my ass off when you sing
Everybody's happy now
The luna-queens become the lunatics
While janis joplin tells her friend
He's just a one-night stand

I hear you retching in my bathroom, but I don't mind
No, I'll clean it up tomorrow, just sit down
Again you choke me when you grumble
You and me we're so much like rg
And now I'll show you how to tango
I think it's time for us to say
That this has been a prefect day and retire, please retire

My margarita chum that's what you are
I'm laughing my ass of when you sing
Everybody's happy now
A v.i.p is what you are to me
I love it when you take me on your lonely sunday stroll

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