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A : ANI DIFRANCO : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни To Be Free

To Be Free

On the underside of your salutation
I can hear you turning inward
Hello is such a thin word

You're going to have to hide doubletime from me
Cuz I read our poetry, and I can see when it doesn't rhyme

You said you either wanted me home
Or you wanted to be alone[? ]
Or you wanted to be alone
And I felt you decide
I have heard all the words you hold inside

We were knitted like yarn
In the morning you were the snooze button on my alarm
And now goodnight is just the gesture of an arm
Well I think I understand
But I don't think I agree
Sometimes I want to amend
And sometimes I just want to be free

If we can try forgiving
If we can try to go on living
Like some kind of amateur team
Anyone can see that love
Is waiting u s more than m e
That's for me

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