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A : AIR SUPPLY : Lost in Love

Lost in Love
Текст песни Just Another Woman

Just Another Woman

(graham russell)

Knocking by my window, late at night
Making me believe there's something not right
I look through the window but all I can see is the rain
Standing on my doorstep, not very old
Looking so helpless and looking so cold
A woman who needed some help
Now she lost her way

She was cold, she was lost
She could smile, and I was not cross

Just another woman, in my life
Just another woman, lost in the night
Just another woman, keeping in touch with a man

As we sat by the fire, the flame just grew
Talking about different things we knew
Watching a new day arrive right inside my room
The more I listened the more she told
And in fascination my heart was sold
Weaving in and out of my mind with a skill unknown

She was cold, she was lost
She could smile, and I was not cross

(chorus to fade)

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