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A : AIMEE MANN : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни I've Had It

I've Had It

We made it down to new york
With everything intact
But as for getting back -
It was boo who made the joke,
They don't give you any hope
But they'll give you plenty of rope
And dan came in from jersey
He went to get the drums
And if buddy ever comes
We can get it off the ground
I hope someone's coming down
'else I can't see hanging around

Oh, experience is cheap
If that's the company you keep
And a chance is all that I need
And I've had it
I've had it

So we all just started playing
And then something strange occured -
Not a person stirred
Oh, it started out one way
But it turned out to be okay
And I felt that someone should say -

Oh, experience is cheap
If that's the company you keep
And before you know that it's free
You've had it

Like most amazing things
It's easy to miss and easy to mistake
For when things are really great
It just means everything's in it's place
When everything was over
And we loaded up the van
I turned and said to dan,
Dan, I guess this is our prime
Like they tell us all the time
Weren't you expecting some other kind?

Oh, experience is cheap
If that's the company you keep
But I'll never get that disease
'cause I've had it
I've had it

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