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A : AFTER 7 : Takin' My Time

Takin' My Time
Текст песни Kicking It

Kicking It

When I look in your eyes I see a reflection of me
Being there for you whenever you need me
I cant describe my soul feelin so deep for you girl it's like a dream come
You are my everything

I wont ever leave you, or desert you
I wont risk the good things that we have in life , oh girl
Its important to me, for you to trust me baby
Cause I'm givin my all and all to you right now
Just right, tonight, I wanna love you down

I'll never ever leave you alone and confused
That's one thing that you'll never have to think twice about baby
Dont mind kickin it with you (kickin it with you)
But lately I been thinkin your the only one that's right for me (hook)

Your my girl, and I cant see myself givn you to somebody else
Its so impossible
Whenever you need a friend
I'll be there to the end
I'm the way I am and your just stuck with me girl

You know it's true
Cause for you, I wanna do most everything
Oh girl you've got my heart, in the palm of your hand
I've been waiting for the right time to show you how I feel
Tonight, just right, I wanna love you down

Repeat hook 2x

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