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A : ADRIAN BELEW : Inner Revolution

Inner Revolution
Текст песни I Walk Alone

I Walk Alone

I walk alone where the streets are paved with lovers
They're hand in hand and they're deep in one another
And why can't it be you and me
Together we'd be so happy

Look at these lines on the map of my face... I'm tired
Of all the nights I'm awake with my desire
I want to lay down with you again
I want to believe in a dream

I walk alone
I ache to have you, to hold you close
And let you know I want you always in my arms
I walk alone
I need to see you, to feel you here
And let it heal the lonely fears inside our hearts

Too many hurried places to go
When all I want is to be with you
Too many worried moments to fill
When all I want is to hold you still

Now the sun will fade away
To draw the curtain on an empty day
In my heart it rains, to walk alone again

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