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A : ADRIAN BELEW : Inner Revolution

Inner Revolution
Текст песни Heaven's Bed

Heaven's Bed

Isn't this a dull affair
Enough to make me lose my hair
Tax returns and future earnings,
I thought to myself,
Still the gods haven't lost their flair
At least they put me and her together
And just as I was about to tell her,
She said to me,

Take me up to heaven
Up into the sky
Our love is strong enough to fly

There I sat with the paper in my lap
Reading facts about terrible acts
'kids with guns kill for fun',
So I started to preach
That's the trouble with society, I said,
No respect for humanity
And just as I was building up steam,
She said to me

Take me up to heaven
Up into the sky
Our love is strong enough to fly

Lay your dreams beneath my head
Up here on heaven's bed
Let your eyes be the stars in the night
Up here on heaven's bed

You need to leave your mind alone, she said to me.

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