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Текст песни Burned by The Fire We Make

Burned by The Fire We Make

And when man gained dominion
Over land and the oceans
He began to harm the planet
With his asphalt and his toxins
And to lay the forest bare
And to poison even the air
And he killed every beast
And taught the seas how to bleed

Burned by the fire we make,
What a shame

Then the winds gave in
And the rain knew no season
And the sun came to beat
On a land of sand and diseases
And when God looked down
On the earth and saw it was broken
Then the tears of God fell down
Through a hole in the ozone

Burned by the fire we make
What a shame

This is the nature of the human race
To kill off anything that gets in our way
Poor mother earth we disfigured her face
Man is the maker of his own disgrace

Burned by the fire we make
What a shame

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