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A : ACT FAST : Без сортировки

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Текст песни All Gone

All Gone

Besides your self you're all alone,
The lights are on but no one's home
You're left here all alone with you fear,
A cry for help no one will ever hear
For how long have you hid your pain,
Tell me, what's left to lose? what's left to gain?
You look around this place for a friend,
You cant take much more you await the end

The gun in your hand will be the cure for your pain,
Empty shells on the floor and a bullet in your brain
Searching for a way out you're so sick of this game,
As you search in this empty room you see no other way
This is it you say good bye,
You will be strong you will not cry
You couldnt hold on any more,
You couldnt find something to live for
You've no more strength to fight the fight,
You close your eyes you say goodnight
To proud to hide to weak to run,
Now you find your self looking down the barrel of a gun

Some body please explain to me,
How did it all get to be this way,
Tell me what could have been so wrong,
Your life flashes before your eyes,
A tear shed before you take your life,
You felt out casted like you didnt belong,
I tried to help but you turned away,
Was there something left to do, something left to say,
Could I have made you made you see,
I can't help feeling like it's my fault,
You say you had nothing cuz you lost it all,
But you still had me!

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