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A : ACT FAST : Act Fast

Act Fast
Текст песни Bruises


I dont' know
Why you do
Everything that you do
Seems to me
You can't see
Just how much
That you've changed
And everything
That you do
Turns my skin black and blue
And why do you
Just proceed to beat the crap out of me

Am I finding too much out about you
Why didn't you tell me I thought that I should know
You should have been straight with me and told me of your past
I should have told me I shouldn't have had to ask

You wear a mask
So we won't see through
You won't let us
See the real you
You're insecure
And afraid
Of what we might really think
You've got to learn
To not care too much
About what we think
And more about what you want
The real you inside
Is who we want to know
So just drop the act
And let it go

I'm sick
Of what you put me through
Trying to hide
What is really you
You are not
Fooling anyone
So drop the act
And have some fun

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