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A. F. I.
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Текст песни Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

What was it I was thinking,
Or was I even thinking at all?
When I think of what I thought back then,
Then I'm ashamed;
And I'm appalled that I gave up all I was so easily.
Living your life is not for me.
I won't be sedated,
I won't be sedated!
Give me a little taste and I know I won't want more.
I won't be sedated, stability is overrated.
Give me the disorder I adore.
I can't be a part, be a part,
I can't be a part.
I can't be a part,
Be a part of your modern world.
I've gotta be apart, be apart,
I've gotta be apart.
I've gotta be apart.
I can't grasp the values that you hold.
What was it you were thinking,
Or were you even thinking at all?
When I think of what you thought of me,
I take offense;
And I'm appalled that you could discount all I love so easily.
Living our life is not for me.

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