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NUMERIC : 702 : No Doubt

No Doubt
Текст песни All I Want

All I Want

All I want
Someone I can talk to
Someone who will listen to what I have to say
All I need
Some special attention
Someone who will metion the special things to me
Whatever you want

I not the kind of girl
Who doesn't know what she wants
I see it in my mind
The kind of guy to treat me right
I know he'll be strong
He'll keep me going on
I'll know him when he comes
He'll be my number one


Speacial in every way
Takes time from busy days
To satisfy my needs
Says things to comfort me
(it's not much to ask for...the things I want)
I'll know him when he comes
He'll be my number one


All that i'm
(all that I'm)
Looking for
(looking for)
Got to have
(got to have)
One mature
(ooh baby)
That you do and say
(do and say)
Touch my heart
(touch my heart in a special way)

All I want
All I need
Someone special

(till fade)

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